The syringe in medicine is a device used to inject medicine into the body. The syringe is generally a cylindrical, graduated screwdriver device that has a piston at the end of the piston, which, by hand, pushes the drug forward and inserts it into the body through sharp scarves. Nowadays, Faiz Teb is the only manufacturer of dental sheepskin in Iran.

What is a syringe and what is its type?

Syringes are made in different sizes, with capacities from 1 cm to 5 cc. Using syringes larger than 5 cc is less common. Syringes of 2 to 3 ml are required for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. The larger syringes cause the patient’s discomfort.

Microdarpe is used for injection, for example, penicillin crystals, and used instead of 20cc to 50cc in syringes.

Hypodermic syringes of 2.5 to 3 ml are usually supplied with a needle attached to it. Sometimes the nurse may need to change the needle number, depending on the need.

Hypodermic syringes have two types of measuring scales per syringe. One of these measures is in terms of “minims” and the other in milliL. Each ml is also divided into ten parts.

Insulin syringes hold one milliliter and are graded into units. Most insulin syringes are 100 units of the “100 U” that are used to use 100 units of insulin. Each ml of solution contains 100 insulin units.

There are also 40 “40 U” and “80 U” syringes for insulin with these concentrations.


The needles are not in a separate package to select the desired needle. Some needles are not packed in the standard syringe. Like insulin syringes and tyrcholine.

Most needles are STainless, although some are intravenous catheters. Needles are disposable except those made of steel, which are made of surgical steel that are attached to glass syringes.

Each needle has three parts:

  • HUb or part connected to the syringe.
  • shaft or trunk that connects to the Hub
  • BeVel Needle Needle

About Yazdsyringe company

Yazd Sangr Company was established in 1986 with the registration number 1167 and with the management of Dr. Seyyed Jalal Mohammadi in order to produce a variety of disposable syringes. In 1991, he officially began his production activities by producing 2, 5 and 10 ml syringes.

The machines included injection machines, molds, print and assembly machines, packaging, and a complete sterile sterilization system by the EO method from Engel Austria.

In 1994, the company’s production capacity reached about 70 million per year by adding 2 lines of insulin production and 20 ml of paper, using machines and molds, and printing and assembly units from Korea.

The company continues to operate with the presence of a competent board of directors and experts, as well as technical and training personnel, currently 70 people. Yazd Syringes using the GMP production method of the Iranian National Standards and Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2000) are trying to provide acceptable and satisfactory quality.

By obtaining standard Iranian certificates, Standard 2016: ISO 13485 and CE, and manufacturing licenses from the General Medical Equipment Office, the company offers its products at home and abroad and has been very well received.

The other goals of the company, which were previously co-operated with some companies, including BD and B.BRAUN, through the agency of Iran, were to complete the medical products including IV catheter and to complete the distribution of its products in a complete and needy set. It is finished or half ready to complete your distribution basket.

The proposal for the use of dental needles and disposable syringes for dental purposes is one of these requests.

The production of various types of AD syringes with different volumes and dental syringes produced by Yazd Sangr Company, with a capacity of 80 million units per year, has now been added to the company’s small production.

The syringe, using the GMP production method of the national standards of Iran and the quality management system ISO 9001 (2000), try to provide acceptable and satisfactory quality. Obtaining the 2003 Standard Certificate of Conformity: ISO 13485 and CE are the product of the ongoing work. The ISO 13485 standard is a result of which the company offers its products in and out of the country and has been very well received. The other goals of the company, which has already been done by the cooperation of some companies, including BD and B.BRAUN, through the agency of Iran, is the completion of medical products, such as spatula and IV catheter, and in order to distribute its products in a complete and necessary manner. It is recommended to receive dental needles and disposable syringes for dental purposes, including those requests, to finished goods or half-ready to complete their distribution baskets. Produce various types of AD syringes with different volumes and dental syringes manufactured by Yazd Sang Co. with capacity ?? Millions have been launched a year and now have been added to the company’s quantitative production. Today, the syringe production project at the Vacutainer Laboratory has been underway, with much of it being done and waiting for the order of machines and molds from the company under the Bachelor and project implementation. According to all international standards, Yazd Sang Co. plans to continue to plan new medical products and to take effective steps to achieve the goals of controlling communicable diseases (AIDS-hepatitis, etc.). Also, the needs of medical goods consumers Has been considered.

Types of Syringes

today, most syringes are once used and their sex is plastic. In the past, there were glass sticks that were sterilized by heat and boiling in water. Metal syringes are now used for tasks such as ear rinsing, but because of the risk of diseases that are transmitted through the infected syringe, such as AIDS and hepatitis, a disposable syringe is often used, and more precautionary measures are taken after spitting after injection.

Providing syringe

The syringe is available through the pharmacy. Syringe is one of the most widely used medical equipment used in clinics, hospitals and medical centers.

Types of syringes

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