Stent is one of the tools that most families have dealt with in many ways, but we must accept that the heart stent is a new medical issue that can play an important role in the health of patients. Of course, we say that the new issue does not mean that medical science has achieved it recently, but we want to make it clear that its use for some families is still fresh and has not been familiar with it yet. In this article, we want to introduce a heart stent and, besides it, to differentiate it with a bare metal stent and see which option is better. Atlas Light Ltd. is the Boston Heart Boston Sentinel Sales Dealer in Tehran and the city. To buy a heart stent or get a catalog and list of heart rate sticks, contact our experts in the Atlas of Light Medicine.

What is a heart stent?

The heart’s stent is the same as a typical metal stent as a tube-like, lace-shaped tool fitted with a drug cover. These medical devices are the best option for people who are not interested in taking medication or for Alzheimer’s patients whose timing of drug use is not clear. Generally speaking, we expect a stent to be in the form of a metal tube inside the vessel and prevent it from closing.

The point about the different types of cardiac stent is that the drug used specifically for suppressing the immune system. This suppression prevents the formation of blood clots in the area of ​​the vessel’s clogging, as well as the formation of an osmer when using a stent. Therefore, it seems that the mechanism of cardiac stent performance is much better than previous systems. So, it’s best to first look at the mechanism of the function of the normal stents and then consider the different options in this area. Atlas Light Salon represents the sale of other Boston products, such as Boston Cattle Guide.


What is the mechanism of stent function?

Those who have a heart attack, or because of different reasons their blood vessels are closed or tight, blood transfusions in the veins are difficult and damaging to their health. Here, doctors have different ways to open blood vessels, some of which are invasive, and some are done in simple and simple ways. Aggressive methods like surgery do not have much fanfare.

The second method involves non-surgical procedures where angioplasty is one of these. Angioplasty is a process in which the doctor opens the sprain of the patient’s blood vessels and sends a wider throat into the vessel. A welder sent to a blood vessel carries a metal stent that is sent to the blood vessel stenosis. The doctor controls the stent broker process outside the body and places the metal stent in place of the blood vessel closure.

The placement of the stent in the area of ​​the vessel’s clogging prevents it from returning to its original state and continues to function normally. If you notice, doctors prescribe anticoagulants such as aspirin to patients after angiography and angioplasty. These drugs prevent the formation of blood clots and re-closure of the blood vessel. As a result, blood vessels continue to function naturally in the long run.

The difference between the heart’s stent with a bare metal stent

The difference between the heart’s stent with a bare metal stent
The method of taking anticoagulant drugs is known as a bare metal stent, in which the patient is required to take medicine as long as the doctor prescribes it. But the medical profession has not worked idly and produced new stents for the heart medicine stent. The bare metal stent requires medication and the patient may have several problems in the absence of the drug. One of these problems is the return of blood vessels to the closed state, which usually occurs after 6 months, and the patient is forced to undergo angioplasty once again.

The heart’s stent is the same as a bare metal stent, with antibacterial and anticoagulant materials placed on it. The mechanism of action of these stents is that its metal part acts like a normal stent. But the big difference that the heart stent with the old models is is that the drug is released from the surface of the stent itself. This makes the patient do not need to take medication and there is no limit to Alzheimer’s.

New Generation of Heart Disease Stent

It seems that doctors are still not satisfied with the heart’s stent and are looking for an alternative to it. The research has led to the generation of a specific generation of medical stents that have unique characteristics. In the new generation of this equipment, polymer materials are used instead of metal scaffolds. This makes it easier to install the heart stent, and the patient will have enough confidence in his durability.

Another interesting point is that the pharmaceutical stent of the polymeric heart is that it is dissolved in the body after a while. In fact, the whole process of opening the blood vessel and releasing the drug from the stent is done, and after a certain period of time and to ensure the blood vessel does not return, the process of dissolving the polymer stent is done inside the body. These stents contain a drug called uremiosis, which is known as a medicine to suppress the immune system. This drug prevents blood coagulation and re-closure of the blood vessel. It seems that the process of producing the heart’s stent in the coming years will be towards new and advanced products to produce more efficient and higher-quality devices for patients. . For more information on these medical equipment, you can ask questions in the comments section or contact our experts.

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