Latex disposable gloves with excellent protection and a wide range of applications in various industries. Latex disposable gloves are a popular choice in the industrial and medical industries and are widely used in applications in medicine and dentistry, child care and advanced care, food and food services, maintenance and repair, automotive and manufacturing industries. Used. Atlas Light Ltd. is a distributor of all types of latex gloves, vinyl and nitrile in Tehran and other cities. To buy latex gloves, vinyl and nitrile, or get catalogs and price lists for latex gloves, vinyls and nitriles, contact our experts in the Light Lighting Atlas.

Latex Gloves

Advantages of Latex Gloves

Disposable gloves are perhaps one of the most commonly used items for housewives. But the gloves used are not confined to the home environment and cover a wide range of uses, which may be one of the most important and most familiar industries, the medical industry. Latex gloves are one of the great products that were put on the market to protect hands and hygiene.

History of latex gloves

These gloves, commonly referred to as latex or disposable gloves, first appeared in 1889 by William Stewart Hallst, the first head of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, to prevent the development of medical emergencies, invented. Since then, latex gloves have been introduced to the market with the help of the medical industry. Many medical professions rely on the trusted features and benefits of latex glove gloves. These gloves are approved by the FDA for use in the medical industry and provide excellent protection for blood pathogens and other environmental pollutants.

In recent years, industrial latex gloves have become popular in applications such as automotive and manufacturing, food and food processing, and maintenance and maintenance. Latex disposable gloves, which have an industrial grade, will offer the desired benefits of durability, comfort, fitness and skill. Industrial gloves are suitable for industrial applications. Industrial grade gloves usually label “Industrial” clearly on their packaging. Latex gloves like AMTEX LX3 Latex are a standard grade industrial latex glove that is generally suitable for use in industrial applications and is used for short periods of time in gloves. One of the key features of Latex is that it comes with ease, there is no challenge to deliver the best and most suitable product. As you can see, they are diverse and their benefits are in a wide range of industries that can be used. For the countless industries, latex gloves are an ideal choice. Atlas Light Salon represents the sale of all kinds of health products such as varicose socks and adult diapers.

What is latex

Natural latex comes from a tree stem. Naturally, the ketone has the benefits of chemical resistance against most of the acid, base, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. However, for heavy protection, gloves with twice the thickness of latex gloves are provided that provide more protection against blood pathogens and other environmental contaminants. Latex gloves provide ideal benefits to many industries, but in some cases allergic allergies can be created. Latex allergy is a reaction to proteins in natural latex. If you are allergic to latex, your body will confuse latex with a harmful substance. When latex allergies cause concern,

As stated, one of the uses of lactose gloves is to use in the food industry. The first-class disposable gloves have been approved by the FDA for food services and have been manufactured with approved USDA materials. The USDA has provided guidelines for regulating materials, production and distribution of goods used in food services. Used for use in the food industry suitable for vinyl, nitrile and latex, if the FDA is approved for food services and if the gloves are in accordance with the application.

Differences in latex gloves and nitrol and vinyl gloves

Nitrol gloves
One of the differences is the raw material used to produce the product. Unlike latex gloves, which are referred to as natural ingredients, nitro gloves or nite brilliants are made of an artificial ridge and are an ideal alternative for those who are allergic to latex and latex gloves. Nitro gloves are superior when it comes to perforation resistance. Nitro gloves are often called “medical grade”. Before gloves can be transferred to hospitals and medical institutions, they must carry out a series of tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure durability.

Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the food industry and conditions that have a high level of durability and less protection. Given the fact that these gloves have less protection, they have a lower price than other products. In view of the above, it can be somewhat known of the differences between different types of gloves, and each gloves according to the need And application. Although there is resistance to perforation in all three types of gloves, it is better to use suitable gloves for different uses. Latex gloves are more flexible than nitrol and have better perforation resistance than vinyl.

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