Hand disinfecting solution is in fact a solution that can be used instead of hand washing. Of course, the main task of these solutions is to eliminate germs on the hands, and some of them do not eliminate handy pus. Foam, gel, and liquid solution are a variety of disinfectant solutions that you can see on these television or other places these days. The main constituents of this type of solution are alcohol, and therefore they do not require water for use. ATLAS TABLE CO. Is a distributor of disinfectant disinfectant solutions for B & B Braun in Tehran and in the cities. Contact B | Braun for the disinfectant solution or contact our experts in the Optics of Light Medicine to get the catalog and pricelist for disinfectant disinfectants.

Hands Disinfectant Solution

Daily handwashing is always recommended by health professionals. Make sure you clean your hands daily, at least with a simple tap, especially before eating something or eating lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, many of the diseases that people, especially children, are having, because they do not observe the hygiene principles of keeping hands clean. Fortunately, in recent years, special attention has been paid to teaching this issue in schools and television, and a variety of hand sanitizers have been developed to eliminate microbes.

Types of hand sanitizers

Hand disinfectant solution is divided into two types of alcohol-free and non-alcohol-based ingredients. Alcohol-based disinfectant solution consists of 65 to 95 percent alcohol, most of which are ethanol, isoproponal and n-propional. In this type of solution, alcohol will quickly neutralize the activity of germs and this will be the best option for cleansing hands, especially for use in hospitals.

In non-alcoholic solutions, materials other than alcohol are used to eliminate germs. In this type of solution, more sustained ingredients are used, and therefore, less alcohol than drying the skin, in other words, less damage to the health of the skin. Of course, in a disinfectant solution, use a softener and other materials to prevent skin drying.

Hand disinfectant solution

The effectiveness of disinfectant solution depends on several factors:

How to use the product, including the amount used, the shelf life of the solution
Skin sensitivity to solutions (hand skin)
Of course, it should be borne in mind that various disinfectant solutions do not have the ability to remove potentially harmful and potent viruses. Of course, such a solution can be produced, but the likelihood of harm to the skin of the hands will be great.

Hand disinfectant solution with or without alcohol

It has always been a challenge to use hand-disinfected hands with alcohol or without alcohol, but the World Health Organization has preferred to use alcohol-free alcohol solutions and hence encourage people to use such solutions. he does.

Unfortunately, some of the materials used in the disinfectant solution contain harmful chemical compounds whose prolonged use may endanger the body’s endocrine function. Other environmental pollution is another reason why the World Health Organization is concerned about the use of these solutions. Of course, this does not mean that all non-alcoholic solutions are hazardous, and famous brands in the world follow the sanitization in the construction of a disinfectant solution.

Hand sanitization solutions

Hand disinfectant solution can be used in most industries. The first aspect is the general use that people use to clean their hands. Since most of these solutions do not need water, they are welcomed.

Other uses are in hospitals and health centers. The body of some patients needs to be cleaned and water should not be contacted, so using these solutions can be a great alternative. Other industries, in turn, can use hand disinfectant solutions

The most common hand disinfectant solution

Gel is a type of disinfectant that has been increasing over the past few years. One of the reasons why gels are popularly used as an antiseptic solution is that they do not need to be washed away. The main ingredient in the gel is alcohol, and since alcohol has a high evaporation effect, it will quickly disappear from the hands when used and cleaned, and you will not need to rinse it anymore.

Gels are actually a liquid used to eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses on the hands. Of course, gels can not be considered a good alternative to soap, because these gels are not capable of removing hand-held handles, and will be a good option for the destruction of bacteria and viruses on the hands. Health experts advise that the best time to use the gel as a hand sanitizer is when you do not have access to water and want to eat a meal.

The gel formulation consists of alcohol, which in its class is 60%. Alcohol solvents, aromas and paints are other gel ingredients that are used. Of course, a few things to keep in mind when using this disinfectant. First, in order to see more effect on the substance, it’s best to always keep your nails clean and do not use as much oil as you can. If you are a repairer, gels will not be the right option for cleaning your hands. The next point is that, given the presence of a lot of alcohol in the manufacture of gels, do not put your hand in your mouth when in use to prevent your poisoning. How to use this disinfectant solution It is best to rub a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub the entire hand for 25 seconds.

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