The level of the desk, counter, bag, laptop, etc. are the most frequent points that human hands are always in contact with. The point not to be taken care of is the lack of cleanliness of these levels and the lives of over a thousand types of germs and viruses on them. It does not matter if you live in a big city or a clean mountain village in the mountains; whatever, microbes and viruses live in free environments that can easily be placed on a variety of levels. Cleaning them with a napkin will remove them more dust to kill microbes and viruses. Fortunately, the surface sterilization solution that exists today in the market can easily eliminate all kinds of microbes and viruses. ATLAS TABLE CO. Is a distributor of disinfectant solutions for B & B Braun in Tehran and in the cities. Contact your experts in the Lighting Atlas to buy a B | Braun disinfectant solution or get a catalog and pricelist of disinfection solutions for medical and hospital care centers.

Floor Disinfectant Solution

What is disinfectant level?

Disinfectant solutions such as other solutions are composed of alcohol. In other words, most of the ingredients in these solutions were alcohol. Of course, there is also a disinfectant solution for non-organic surfaces, but since harmful chemicals have been used in making them, most health experts do not recommend using them at all.

Antiseptic surfaces are used to eliminate all types of microbes, viruses and fungi on the surface. Of course, these types of materials can not have a cleansing role; that is, if the surface is full of soil, it should first be removed with a rag blanket, soil on it and then disinfected with a solution against pathogenic agents.

Is the disinfectant solution harmful?

Unfortunately, there is the view that a disinfectant solution can cause a variety of diseases and cancers. Of course, this is a good idea to use non-standard materials in the solution or that the customer does not pay attention to the health and safety instructions written behind the products. Otherwise, such a loss can not affect human health.

If an antiseptic solution has the following properties, then it can be considered as a quality product without loss:

It has a general application and can be used to destroy all types of germs and viruses.
The speed of the action is high and there is no need for additional ingredients for more effect.
After using and passing the specific time, no trace of it remains on the surface.
Compared with other compounds or structures, it does not pose a chemical hazard.
Less percentage of toxic and chemical substances are used in its construction.
Using it to disinfect medical equipment is not harmful.
Once the effect has gone, the germs will not be restarted again. In other words, there is no antimicrobial momentum.
It’s easy to use and does not need to follow a specific instruction.
Not too expensive or very cheap. Cheapness can be a sign of low quality and very expensive guaranteeing the high quality of the product.
Soluble in water.
Do not fire. Of course, since alcohol is used in the structure and alcohol has an inflammable property, it is recommended that you do not place it near the flame.

Types of disinfectant surfaces

The disinfectant solution of your surfaces is divided into several types. Of course, before writing its types, it is better to first classify the three categories in which solutions are placed.

Three classes of disinfectant solutions

High-disinfection solutions that can kill bacterial spores at appropriate concentrations. Given their high power, they can be used to destroy the largest group of germs.
Medium-sized disinfectants that can destroy a variety of lipid and non-lipid bacteria. Just like the high-level type, they are not suitable for removing bacterial spores.
Low-level disinfectants that can kill some non-lipid viruses or lipid bacteria.
Types of disinfectant surfaces

Alcohols, although most used in disinfectant solutions, but in the middle class. Ethanol and isopropyl are two types of these substances that are used to eliminate all types of bacteria, viruses, germs, and germs depending on their cleaning power. Of course, it should be noted that in an alcoholic disinfectant solution, about 60% of it should form alcohol. Excessive use of it will harm people’s health.

Chlorine is the second surface disinfectant solution used after alcohol. Chlorine is more effective than other materials, but the released gas is harmful to the health of the body, and inhalation of this gas causes stomach ulcers or respiratory diseases in the long run. Consequently, the concentrations are slightly mixed with water.

Disinfecting solution is a high-level surface, thus it has the strong property of removing bacteria and germs. Just because of its carcinogenicity, it’s best not to use more than a quarter of it and, of course, the number of times you use it is as limited as you can, unless you need it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Oxygen water is a surface disinfectant solution that can be used to eliminate a wide range of germs and bacteria, due to its proper strength. This solution, given the small concentration that it has over the rest, can be able to use one million spores for 60 minutes at high concentrations.

Some important points in using disinfectant surfaces
Given that some of these solutions also have inherent chemical properties, it is advisable to use gloves.
Do not touch the surface until the effect is gone.
Keep the solution out of reach of your children.

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