Anyone who has an infant relationship knows the first and most important need for babies, baby diapers. Baby diapers are the first requirements that should be given to the baby. In fact, baby milk and diapers are one of the main things that each family needs to be aware of. Understanding the types of baby diapers and how to use baby diapers may seem a bit hard at first and for newly born parents. But after some time and with the exercises that you have to do to grow your child, you no longer have to The issue will not be hard. According to statistics, babies typically consume at least 6-10 diapers a day, which means they should take about 3,000 diapers for the first year. ATLAS TABLES CO. Is a distributor of Aramis baby diapers in Tehran and other cities. To buy Aramis baby diapers or get a catalog and pricelist for baby diapers, contact Aramis with our experts in the Atlas of Light Medicine.


Choosing the right baby diaper

Considering what has been said, baby’s diaper selection is a very important task for baby’s health and comfort. In order to get the right choice in choosing a baby diaper, be careful about these things. We offer you a quality product such as Aramis baby diapers. Other products of Aramis Aramis are diapers.

Choosing diapers in the right size

Be sure to note the diaper according to the age of the child, because the child should feel comfortable in the diaper. In non-inflated form, he will constantly cry and will retreat against the diaper.

A good place to change baby diapers

First and foremost, consider a safe and clean place to change your child’s nappies. Many parents use one or a bed to change the baby. If you are using a table, it is recommended to use safety harnesses and read the pad instructions for attaching it. Newborn babies usually do not move a lot, but after 4 months they learn to rotate and want to move a lot.

Clean the baby with good and healthy cloths

Many parents use baby wipes to clean the diaper area, but the skin of the infants is sensitive. Pediatricians recommend cleaning the area with warm water and cotton or cloth. Wet tissues, especially those containing alcohol, can cause itching and burning, which should be discarded. After washing with a tissue, gently wash the baby with water. In the end, you can use baby powder or ointment. Baby powder or ointment is used to prevent irritation and itching.

Aramis baby diaper changing steps

You should always have a bag of gear needed to replace your baby diapers. It is not necessary to leave the child free of charge and go to the closets to bring the equipment.

Wash your hands and prepare your bags. Make sure everything is available to you.
Put your baby on the back.
Then open the diapers tabs. Raise your baby from the diaper by lowering and raising the ankle.
Remove diapers from the baby and place it near the place, but leave the child out of the reach of the child so that the child can not reach it.
Clear the baby. When cleaning a girl, always move from front to back to prevent infection. Clean the area completely so your baby does not have itching.
Drag a clean diaper under your baby’s waist and make sure the tabs are below the bottom of the baby’s bottom. Most diapers today have colored labels or labels that indicate the front of the diaper. You will not be mistaken elsewhere.
Before closing the diaper, take any ointment or cream that is recommended for rash. This step should be done after placing your new diaper under your child.
Secure the new diaper by pulling it up to the top of the abdomen and pulling the tabs open and around it to the surface.
Roll the used diapers and place the tabs around it. Place diapers in a bag to prevent contamination. Then place diapers in a garbage or special bag.
Wash your baby’s feet and hands and remove the required levels. This step is especially important if your child is ill, because it helps to prevent contamination and reduces the course of the disease.

Important Tips About Baby Diapers

  When taking care of the circumcision and umbilical wound, fully practice your doctor’s instructions. Be careful not to miss baby diapers too much. You may do this to prevent leakage, but an overly tight diaper can put pressure on your baby’s abdomen. Excessive pressure, in addition to having a baby, can cause problems in feeding and eating too.

If you feel that your baby has a dermatological problem, it can tolerate a lot of itching and itching, do not get enough home remedies and be sure to bring him to a doctor. Long-term skin problems can not be offset by dangers. Always be careful about your baby. When you change your baby diaper, you can hold one hand on the baby if the diaper is a little too far away. Never change or replace baby diapers when you change diapers. Do not feed or nourish your baby. Be sure to put a layer under the child’s body when changing diapers.

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