Varicose veins or clogging of blood vessels are a problem that many people may have. In addition to the problems it causes, it also affects the beauty of the skin. Today, using varicose socks for varicose veins is a well-known solution. Varicose socks with their effects can be effective in improving varicose problems. Varicose veins are commonly found in hives. Varicose veins are also diverse depending on the type of treatment and need. Atlas Light Ltd. is a distributor of varicose stockings in Tehran and other cities. To buy varicose socks or get a list of varicose stockings, contact our experts in the Light Lighting Atlas.

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Why socks varice?

Varicose veins often appear on the legs. Varicose veins arise when the vein of the veins weakens and does not move the blood properly on the body surface. In the event of a problem with varicose veins, the underlying skin is enlarged and visible under the skin. Sometimes these veins are located near the skin and can be seen in the rajati, but some veins are located far away from the skin. And despite the problem, they can not be seen … These varicellaes, in addition to the pain they may cause, hardening and darkening or even reddening the skin. You can reduce the pain caused by the varicose socks. Atlas Light Salon represents the sale of all kinds of health products such as varicose socks and adult diapers.

Is Varicose Just A Beauty Problem?

Sometimes people are only very beautiful with varicose veins. We will look at other problems with varicose veins:

Change the color on the skin
Wounds or itching in the legs
Feeling heavy, pain or burning in the legs
Knee pain on the back
Inflation of the legs and ankles
Itching around damaged veins
Create a wave of bumps and subcutaneous bleeding

Serious problems with varicose veins

But varicose veins can sometimes have more serious health problems, such as:

Early sore wounds are wounds that do not properly drain from the surrounding area and your skin does not get enough oxygen.
Phlebitis This happens when one of your veins is inflamed.
Thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in one of your large veins.

What can you do if there is a problem?

You can make lifestyle changes that can keep varicose veins from getting worse, actually do things that will help you with the new form of varice and help reduce your pain. You can also use varicose socks to treat this disease.

exercise. Exercise helps blood flow through your veins. But you should keep in mind your doctor before discussing any new activity. Other changes and activities you can make in your life and in the process of improving your life include:

Leave for a long time to sit or stand.
Do not hang your teasers while sitting.
When you sit, relax or sleep your legs. If you can put them above your heart rate.
If you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds. This will reduce the pressure on your veins.
Avoid tight clothing that is spread around the waist, groin, or thighs.
Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. This can reduce swelling in the legs.

Varicose socks features

Varicose socks can help squeeze veins to prevent blood clotting. Varicose socks develop every day and get better performance than before. You can get varicose socks from pharmacies. Basically, varicose socks are prescribed by physicians.

Other options for treating varicose veins

There are other ways to cure that should be done by your doctor and after checking your varicose veins. These methods include:

Injection: The doctor may do this by injecting a substance that can improve the condition of your veins.
Lasers: Doctors use lasers to close the veins. This is one of the best treatments in small veins.
Disposal: Your doctor may do this by disposing of a series of small skin lesions from your vein. Another method is to close the vessel and fix it.

Who is more likely to develop varicose veins?

Some topics – some of which you can control and some of them you can control and out of control – increase the chance of developing varicose veins. These include:

Age (Lions in the veins naturally begin to get worse due to wear and tear.)
Sex (Four times more women than men develop varicose veins.)
Pregnancy (varicose veins usually recover 3 months to one year after delivery).
Lack of exercise and physical activity
Taking anticancer pills or hormone replacement therapy
Damage to legs
Having a family history of varicose veins and varicose veins
According to what has been said, one of the best ways to prevent varicose veins is to exercise regularly and have proper physical activity. Also keep your weight in good order.

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